By now you’re probably tired of hearing about how the rental car industry is on the mend.

But you probably also want to know what we’re doing to get it to better.

The rental car rental industry has been on a steady decline over the last decade, from roughly 80,000 rental cars sold in 2006 to fewer than 15,000 cars sold last year, according to data from AutoNation.

That decline is the result of a variety of factors, ranging from government policies, tax breaks, and low car prices, to competition, and a lack of demand.

One of the biggest drivers of the decline is a lack: According to data compiled by the National Association of Realtors, only 22% of rental car owners use a rental car at least once a month, and only 4% use a car to pick up groceries.

(In a similar survey, the NARP found that fewer than a quarter of renters used a car at all, and that the majority of renters have no car.)

As for the average cost of renting a car, the average rental car cost in 2014 was $23,900, up from $19,500 in 2006, according the survey.

But it’s not just the average car that’s getting expensive: Renters are spending a lot more money than their cars are, too.

In 2014, for instance, a typical rental car, including depreciation and insurance, was estimated to cost $1,700 per month, up $40 from 2006.

And renters are paying about twice as much for fuel as they did in 2006.

The average car owner pays about $2,500 per month in fuel costs.

That means that a typical renter who drives a $1 million vehicle in 2019 would be paying about $7,200 in fuel prices.

That’s $1.25 per gallon more than the average renter in 2006 would be, according a 2016 study by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

And it’s likely that that figure is only the tip of the iceberg.

A new study from the University of Colorado Boulder found that renters are also paying about a third more than they did before the recession.

The researchers found that the average rent paid for a rental vehicle in 2014, based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, was $1.,800.

That was up $5 from 2006, but it’s still $1 a month more than it was in 2006 when the average lease cost was $3,200.

And even after adjusting for inflation, the rent for a $500,000 home was $11,200 higher in 2014 than it would have been if the recession hadn’t hit.

Even more shocking: According the University at Buffalo’s John B. Smith, renters aren’t even paying the full cost of their vehicles in their lease agreements.

Instead, they are paying for the cost of a car rental company, the percentage of which is not disclosed on the lease, Smith told me.

The percentage is calculated by dividing the monthly rent paid by the car’s depreciation.

And since it’s hard to calculate depreciation, the number of miles per month that a rental company will be willing to cover per lease is often unknown.

So, for example, if a car is being rented for 40,000 miles per year, and it was originally leased for 30,000, and the renter pays for 30% of the lease amount in depreciation, it would be hard to tell whether the lease would have covered the full amount of mileage.

“It’s not uncommon for the rental company to not disclose the percentage it’s willing to pay to cover depreciation,” Smith said.

Even if the renters did know the percentage, that information would not necessarily give them an indication of how much they were being charged for their lease.

A 2013 survey from the U.S. Census Bureau found that only one in five renters reported they had any knowledge of the total cost of the car they were renting.

That survey also found that, in 2015, the median rental car was being rented at $10,600, while the average annual rent for homes in the same market was $10.50 million.

In addition, renters are less likely to know how much the rental cost will be when they renew their lease, as they’re not required to fill out an annual rental lease agreement.

“When renters have an annual lease agreement they are much more likely to be aware of the actual cost of paying for a vehicle than they are of knowing how much it is going to cost,” Smith explained.

But there are still ways to get a better rental car deal.

If you rent a car online, you can opt for a lower rate, but you need to have a deposit or insurance on the vehicle to qualify for a discount.

For a deposit, the best option is a low-interest loan, typically from a credit card company or a bank, Smith said, which typically costs between $25 and $50 a month. For

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