What’s the difference between the drug war and the war on terror?

A new study shows the U.S. is waging a war on drugs with a war that has already cost millions of lives.

The National Academies report, which is being released Tuesday, highlights the many ways in which the drug industry is taking advantage of the drug crisis to push profits.

The study says the War on Drugs has resulted in more than 3 million Americans being arrested for marijuana possession and nearly 600,000 being jailed for drug offenses.

Its authors, including John Hudak, director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, say the War On Terror is the most powerful criminal enterprise in the world, with more than $5 trillion in revenue.

While the war has cost more than 20 million lives, according to the study, more than half of those deaths were caused by other causes, including the “misdiagnosis of a disease” or the use of prescription drugs that do not have medical efficacy.

And while the War is being waged on the streets, there is little enforcement of the law.

In fact, Hudak said, there are no federal or state laws against possession of marijuana, despite the fact that it is illegal in most states.

Hudak told FoxNews.com that he thinks the war could be over by the time the U:S.

has reached its goal of eradicating the global pandemic.

“We have to see how far we can push and the pace of progress,” he said.

It is a “game-changer,” Hudak added, noting that the war against drugs is “in the process of being dismantled” by the Obama administration.

Although the War Against Drugs is “a huge success story,” Hudack said, it is not sustainable.

For example, he said, the War in Afghanistan is over, but drug use is still high.

Even in the United States, Hudack noted, more people are addicted to opioids and heroin than to marijuana.

A large percentage of the population is now using prescription drugs to treat conditions such as pain, insomnia and depression, which Hudak describes as the “new normal” in the drug world.

But Hudak believes that despite the war being a success, the drug problem is far from over.

As the number of Americans incarcerated for drug possession has risen, he noted, “there are also significant gaps in our prisons.

He added that the War has created a massive prison industrial complex in which inmates with prior drug offenses are locked up and released to “offenders” who have not been charged with a crime.

That’s the situation in which he finds himself in, Hudarks report notes.

Despite the fact the War, Hudakhs study found, is not being stopped, he does not believe that it has stopped the War.

Since he joined the Obama Administration in 2009, Hudaky has focused on reducing incarceration rates, increasing drug-treatment services and expanding access to medical marijuana, as well as reducing the use and supply of firearms and explosives.

His efforts, Hudaks report notes, have helped bring the drug economy under control.

On the other hand, Hudacks report says, the federal government has not been able to stem the rise in drug prices, particularly marijuana.

The price of the plant has skyrocketed by nearly 30 percent over the past five years, the report says.

More than 20 states and the District of Columbia have passed laws making marijuana illegal under federal law, Hudarks report notes.(Reuters) As Hudak puts it, the war is “trying to stop the war.

It is succeeding in the short-term, but it’s failing in the long-term.

“In addition, Hudarak, whose office is responsible for overseeing the drug control budget, said the war should not be used as an excuse to increase prison populations.

Rather, he told Fox News, the drugs are a huge problem and they are going to stay that way.

However, the problem will only get worse, Hudaro said, adding that the drug market is “not going away.”

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