A car rental company may soon be in the works in Canada, but there are still a few hurdles to overcome before the idea could take off.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that the CarRental Group, which operates the Car rental company Ride-O-Rama, is exploring whether to build a facility to operate a car-rental service.

The company’s vice president of operations, David Sarnoff, said the company is exploring options for a business that would allow its customers to rent cars in Ottawa.

Ride-O, which is owned by Ottawa-based company Rideau Automotive, already operates a car dealership in Calgary and has a presence in Edmonton.

Rideau is also looking to expand its fleet to the United Kingdom and other countries.

RampageCar rental is similar to CarRama in terms of its vehicle-rentals model.

It offers a car hire service to a number of cities, including Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, and New York.

Ride-o-Rampers is currently operating a service in Quebec.

The Rideau CarRanger, a car service that allows users to rent their own cars, operates in Calgary, Edmonton, and London.

Rideuraco, the company that operates Ride-Ram, also operates in Quebec and Ontario.

Sarnoff said Ride-os could provide car-sharing in Ottawa, but Ride-au-Ramps will need to convince drivers to drive in the capital for the service.

“We’re looking at options in a number the capitals,” he said.

“I think Ottawa has a good opportunity to attract a number more people.”

Rideau Automobile operates a fleet of more than 2,000 vehicles.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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