car rental company Seatac has recently been the subject of a new report by car rental agency Car SeatShare, which has uncovered a number of problems with its rental policies and practices.

The report, titled ‘Car Rentals’ and written by Caroline Smith and Andrew McQueen, examines how Car Seatshare and other car rental operators are failing to ensure that they are meeting the needs of car owners, and are therefore subject to the same regulations as car rental providers.

Car SeatShare has not responded to the report, but a spokesperson told TalkSport: ‘We have a zero tolerance policy for unsafe, deceptive or fraudulent practices.

Car rentals are a growing industry, and it is important that we ensure that our services are compliant with all relevant laws.’

Our policy of zero tolerance for unsafe practices is an absolute requirement to ensure the highest standards of care and safety, and we will never let anything happen that could jeopardise our reputation.’

In a statement issued to Car Seat Share, the spokesperson explained: ‘Our policies are in place to ensure our customers receive the highest quality of car rental services and have the highest level of customer satisfaction, so that our customers stay with us for the long-term.’

We take these issues very seriously and are taking steps to ensure Car Seat shares practices are in line with the laws.’

A spokesperson for Car Seat share said that the firm is working closely with the UK Transport Agency and has a zero-tolerance policy on unsafe or deceptive practices.

Car rental firms are currently in the process of revising their policies and procedures, but in the meantime, the firm said that it would be in breach of the UK’s Consumer Rights Act for it to take action against its own members.

Carseat share, which operates a number or thousands of car rentals across the UK, has recently announced a number new initiatives, including the launch of a website,, which will allow consumers to register with their car rental provider to be able to compare rates and book a car.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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