How to get a car rental on the Boise, Idaho, city: car rental company Boise has partnered with car rental firm Carrentals Boise to allow Boise residents to rent out their own vehicles for short term rental in the city.

The Boise City Council voted Tuesday to pass a new, two-year lease on the parking lots of downtown Boise and to require all businesses and businesses with an annual revenue of more than $1 million to rent or lease a vehicle for up to 12 months.

Boise Councilmember David Ducharme said the new lease is designed to attract more business to the city and provide residents with an easy way to rent a vehicle while still having enough flexibility for their daily lives.

The lease allows for lease renewals at the end of each year, and will be for three years, Ducharyme said.

The lease will also allow for rental of new vehicles, he said.

Boisdenia Councilmember Jim McKeown said he supports the new leasing policy because it makes Boise more accessible to businesses.

McKeown and Councilmember Michael Jorgensen both said they were supportive of the policy.

McDaniel said he believes the new policy will be good for the city’s economy and the community.

McDuffie said she and her neighbors support the new plan because it will help them keep their businesses and create more parking.

She said the city needs to make sure the city gets a more vibrant and efficient business climate.

McKeen said he thinks the city should not be the “carpool capitol” of the country, but rather a place that has a thriving local economy.

McLean said the leasing policy is good for Boise because it helps businesses, and it will also help the city retain residents.

McNeese said she thinks the new business model will bring more people into the city, which could help the economy.

The council will consider the plan for a second time next week.

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