Car seats are a big business in Boston, but they’re also a big hassle for many drivers.

In the Boston area, a whopping 11.2 million cars are being rented annually, and many of those cars are not in good shape.

It’s also not uncommon for drivers to rent cars from car rental companies, which are responsible for the majority of those rental cars.

According to a recent study by the Boston Business Journal, a large number of drivers in the Boston metro area rely on these rental companies for their car payments.

But for many, that doesn’t mean they can trust them to protect their car.

The Boston Business Review recently reported that drivers in Boston rely on car rental agencies to pay for their vehicle, despite their knowledge that car rental firms do not offer adequate protection for their vehicles.

According in the article, when a car rental company asks for proof of insurance, drivers may be confused by the fact that most insurance companies do not provide such information.

A driver could also be confused if the rental company requires proof of liability insurance on the vehicle, and the driver’s insurance policy does not include any form of liability coverage.

In an attempt to prevent the car rental industry from being a source of financial insecurity for many of Boston’s drivers, Uber and Lyft have partnered with the Boston Auto Rentals Alliance (BARTA) to provide drivers with affordable, high-quality car seats for the cost of $50 per month. 

According to the BARTA, “the alliance provides safe and reliable transportation for people of all ages and incomes and provides rides that include free, high quality car seats, and includes a wide range of vehicle safety products, including seat belts and rear crossbars.” 

The partnership between Uber and the Boston Taxi Association has been a boon to the taxi industry.

While taxi companies are struggling to make ends meet as the economy continues to suffer, the BTAA has been able to provide affordable, safe transportation for drivers and customers alike.

The partnership has already helped to make the taxi service more affordable for Boston drivers, and in the coming months, drivers will have access to more affordable car seats at the Uber and Boston Taxi Alliance website.

“We’re excited to have Uber and BARTA in the city of Boston and will continue to work together to improve transportation options for all,” Uber spokesperson Scott Boudreaux told The Boston Globe.

[Image credit: Getty Images]

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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