AUSTRALIA’S car rental industry is one of the biggest in the world.

It’s a $6 billion business, accounting for around 15% of the entire industry.

In 2017, Australia’s industry employed around 11.5 million people.

While the industry is a $3.5 trillion industry, the country’s economy is only expected to grow by around 3% over the next five years.

Read more about car rental AustraliaHere are a few reasons why renting a car is expensive.

What you’ll need to knowWhen you buy a car, you’ll pay for the car, insurance, a car maintenance fee and a rental fee.

If you rent a car you’ll be charged for the rental, and you’ll also be responsible for any repairs and maintenance you need to complete, such as paint and engine oil.

How much does it cost?

Car rental in New South Wales is a whopping $7,000.

In the ACT, the average price of a car rented in the state is $8,000 (including a $1,000 tax on top).

In Victoria, you can rent a $5,000 car for around $7000 (excluding a $200 surcharge).

How long does it take to get a rental car?

A rental car will take about one year to get your car repaired, insured, and serviced.

If you’re a first time car rental owner, you may need to pay around $1.5, or about a third of your car rental bill.

If your car is used for longer than one year, you’re probably going to need to buy another car.

Read moreabout rental cars

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