Airbnb has been around since 2007, and it has a reputation for being a reliable and affordable option for short-term rentals.

But there’s one problem: A lot of people are finding it difficult to stay in their cars on Airbnb, despite its high reputation.

A recent article in Business Insider noted that Airbnb is being criticized by several major tech companies, including Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

This criticism stems from the fact that Airbnb’s website has not been updated to reflect the current regulations in Florida, which limit how much property owners can charge for short term rentals.

Some Airbnb hosts, including a Miami woman who wanted to rent out her car to her family, said they could not pay the higher fees because they did not have the money to pay them upfront.

Airbnb’s site does not specify the fees a host has to pay for a short-stay rental, and hosts are only required to give the property a credit or refund if they can not make a payment.

According to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, a “nonprofit that advocates for the economic well-being of the state’s residents,” the rules that Airbnb faces are “not the most up-to-date or effective.”

Airbnb hosts who want to avoid the higher rates, which are not reflected in its site, have said they are taking their business elsewhere.

Some, like the woman in Business News, have even filed lawsuits against Airbnb, which they say are unfair because they do not pay their hosts upfront.

This article originally appeared on Business Insider.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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