On the day I moved to South Carolina, my car was parked outside my house in Jacksonville, where I grew up, and a friend was about to get out of a car.

I was trying to find a car rental company, but I didn’t want to wait.

I had a rental car from the old days.

It was a 1993 Ford F-150 pickup truck.

I knew what I wanted: A big, powerful car that could handle the traffic, a place to live and an apartment for my wife and kids.

I looked online, but couldn’t find any rental cars.

I also didn’t know that there were thousands of car rental agencies around the country, and thousands of companies that offered the service, so I was pretty clueless.

I searched around online and on Facebook.

I wanted to know how to get a car to the rental office.

I couldn’t understand why they were not on the list of the biggest rental companies.

I called my friends, family and former colleagues to see if they had any experience with renting out cars online.

The first person I talked to, a mechanic from an auto body repair shop, gave me some pointers about renting a car online.

He told me to have an easy time with finding the right car for me.

After that, it was a matter of clicking on a few ads and finding a good car.

But I was nervous.

The rental office had a website, and I knew they would ask me to register and pay upfront.

I just wanted to make sure that I didn.

It turns out, the process was not difficult.

But there were a few problems I had to work out: First, the rental agency needed to have my credit card information.

They needed to know my Social Security number, which I didn`t have.

The website would tell me that I had over $250,000 in the bank.

I figured if they could find my Social Sec, they could figure out the number of cars I had.

They did, and that meant that I could rent out my car, which was a bit of a surprise.

But, I soon learned, it wasn`t that hard.

A little Googling and I found a car in Jackson, South Carolina.

My friend who I called called for help with finding a car told me that she had rented it from a friend who had it, and the guy said he was the car rental agency and would call back after a few days.

I contacted them through Facebook.

The person who rented my car gave me the name of the person who was renting it, who was a friend of mine, and what kind of car I wanted.

The car was the new Ford F150, which had been in storage for over five years.

The next day, I got a call from the person in charge of the rental company.

The manager said that the guy in charge needed to come to my house to find out if I had an insurance policy for the car.

The insurance company told me the insurance was $150,000, and they had to send me a letter to confirm that the policy was valid.

I didn;t need to fill out anything, because the insurance company had my insurance.

When I got the letter, I was shocked.

I couldnt believe that the insurance companies in South Carolina and across the country would send me letters asking for my name, address and phone number, when the insurance is so cheap.

My next question was: Why did they need to do that?

The manager explained that the company was trying out new features that would help the rental service more quickly.

I thought that maybe they were trying to save money, and maybe I should just pay for the insurance out of my own pocket.

That didn` t help.

The guy in the rental firm explained that he wanted to get rid of the car and move to another state to get an apartment.

I told him that the apartment I wanted for my family is only half the cost of a rental home.

The owner of the apartment said that it was only $250 a month, and my wife told me she was going to move out, too.

I asked the manager about the car, and he said that he didn`ve ever seen a car that big.

He said he rented it out and had to have a second insurance policy.

Then he asked if I would like to pay $50 a month to rent the car out.

I said no, because I had already paid for the first car.

He explained that they were going to charge me another $50 for the second insurance.

The two insurance companies were both charging me $50 more than what I paid, and there were other fees, like a $2,500 check to be sent to the person renting the car to pay for any repairs that were needed.

I wasn’t happy, but not upset.

I did want to know why they wanted to charge $50 to rent out