President Donald Trump said Tuesday he is ready to announce a deal with a company that rents cars from Southwest Car Rental, after being frustrated by the company’s lack of service.

“We’re not going to let the auto rental industry continue to be the victim of poor customer service and bad business practices,” Trump said.

“We’re gonna do a deal.”

The White House said Trump is ready for a deal to help Southwest get a foothold in the auto industry.

The company, which has a $200 million loan, said in a statement it is exploring “the next steps.”

“The company appreciates the opportunity to assist the President and the administration in expanding the auto lending market, including in the areas of the auto loan market,” the statement said.

Southwest, which is owned by Blackstone Group LP, has struggled to grow in the wake of a slowdown in auto sales.

Its auto rental service, which it launched last year, has been hit by a slew of problems, including an inability to provide accurate information on vehicles, including on the vehicle’s mileage.

Trump said Tuesday the company is looking for “a strong partner to help us get the service right.”

Southwestern has struggled with customer service, too.

Earlier this month, a Southwestern representative was fired after a reporter posted on social media about a potential conflict of interest over a Southwest business deal.

At the time, Trump said the company was in “the middle of a really, really tough time” and that he was willing to “do a big deal” to get the company back on track.

But after a series of setbacks, Trump fired the representative.

After the White House announcement Tuesday, Southwestern did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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