— When it comes to car rentals, the most common method of payment has changed.

Cars now get billed in dollars, not in euros, and you have to show proof of purchase before you can get a rental.

That’s changed for the better for consumers, but it’s also made for headaches for rental companies that want to make money.

The new standard of payment in rental car transactions is a credit card that can be used to pay for rentals.

But that’s changing for many consumers, including those who can’t pay by credit card, a change that’s making car rental businesses nervous. 

Car rental company The CarRental Group said it’s making the change, as a result of a new standard that’s expected to roll out later this year. 

The company is currently working with the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to improve the payment methods for consumers who can pay by a credit or debit card.

That could be a significant change for consumers whose credit card is not linked to their car rental account.

“We are working with a number of credit card companies and banks to improve our payment systems,” The Carrentals CEO and President, Dave Marder, told Bloomberg News.

“There is a growing awareness that the current payment method is not working well for consumers and we need to improve it.”

The changes are expected to come into effect July 1, according to the Consumer Financial Security Bureau, which is also working with car rental companies to improve their payment options.

The new standard would also apply to other forms of payment, including checks and credit cards.

Car rental companies say the new payment method will make it easier for them to accept more people as customers and also increase the volume of people they can accommodate.

The change will make cars a better deal than they are today, Marders says.

“The payment option is going to make a big difference in terms of what people want to do,” he said.

The CarRrentals is one of the few rental companies in the country that does not charge by credit cards, but many others, like Home Depot and Walmart, do.

Car rentals typically make money through the car’s sticker price, not through rental fees, which are the difference between the rent and the car itself.

Rental companies are also making the move to pay by debit cards to make the new standard easier for customers.

The CFPB has said that debit card companies have to get permission from credit card issuers before they can offer credit cards as payment methods.

The CFPb is also looking into ways to make it harder for people to pay their rental bills with credit cards in the future.

A report released this month by the bureau found that about one in five American households does not have access to a credit to pay rent and other household expenses. 

Rental company The Green Car Rental said it has been working with credit card industry leaders to improve its payment system.

The company said it is working to establish a payment process that allows customers to pay the same way they would pay for a car.

“We are looking at ways to enhance our credit card payment system to help ease the process for those who are unable to pay with a credit,” the company said in a statement.

More than 80 percent of car rental vehicles in the United States are owned by franchisees, not owners, according a survey by Consumer Reports last year.

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