The number one car rental destination in Miami is the local car rental market.

But, the most affordable option for the uninitiated, and one that’s always on the rise, is car rental through the internet.

Whether it’s Airbnb, Car2Go, or even Uber, the internet has made it easy to rent a car from the comfort of your home.

But it can also be hard to find a car rental company that offers a full car rental package.

And, according to the US Department of Transportation, it’s more than double the price of a car in many places.

Car rental in New York City costs an average of $2,200 per month, and in Los Angeles it’s $2.25 per day, according the LA Times.

It’s no surprise then that most car rental companies charge a high price to attract customers.

In fact, the US has one of the highest car rental prices in the world, according a report from the International Monetary Fund.

Car rentals in Miami?

Not so cheap.

The city has more than two million cars and rental companies operate in all 50 states, according an Uber spokesperson.

That’s almost three times the number of cars that exist in the US.

For comparison, the state of California has more cars and rentals than New York.

For the uninformed, the price for a one-bedroom apartment in Miami ranges from $1,250 per month to $3,600 per month.

In addition, car rental agencies have a number of incentives, including incentives that include discounts for first-time car renters, free delivery, and discounts on vehicle maintenance.

For example, the cheapest monthly rate is $1.50 per mile.

And for those who need a little extra money, some car rental websites even offer discounts of up to $100 off their monthly rent.

So, if you’re interested in finding a car-rental company that can provide a full suite of services, here are the top 10 car rental options in Miami.

Miami’s Best Car Rental Options For a one bedroom apartment, there are two options available.

You can rent a Nissan Pathfinder, which is a popular choice for those looking for a quiet place to call home.

Alternatively, you can rent the Chevrolet Impala, which has a sleek exterior and is also great for commuting.

Both vehicles can be rented for $4,100 per month in Miami, or $2 per day.

If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, you might rent the Mercedes-Benz S550.

This car is the perfect choice for people who want to stay on the road longer, or who want a little something extra to make up for the cost of owning a car.

The S550 is available for $6,100 a month, or just under $4 per day per occupant.

Both cars come with air conditioning, heated seats, and a tow hitch.

For a car that costs $6 million per year, that’s a big chunk of money for a person living in the city.

In New York, the average car rental price is $4.50 a day.

In Los Angeles, the car rental industry is even more expensive, and the average monthly rent is $6.50.

In Miami, the top car rental offers include: Honda Civic: $5,800 a month for the 2.5-liter V6 engine and $6 a day per driver

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