Donald Trump is now back to promoting his campaign in North Carolina and has been spending the last few days in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

On Monday, Trump tweeted a video of himself at the local golf course where he says the local economy is “on the brink of collapse.”

The video ends with Trump saying, “North Carolina’s going to win, North Carolinians are going to come back.

We’ll win this thing.”

On Tuesday, Trump returned to the city of Charlotte for an event at the historic Cathedral of the Holy Cross, which is the largest Catholic church in the world.

Trump was flanked by members of the local police force, and several people who have witnessed Trump’s visit were in attendance.

Trump has been campaigning hard in the city, saying he would be “the greatest president ever” if he is elected.

He also said he would “work with our police, the police department, our fire, our emergency services, the sheriff’s department.”

He said that if elected, he would use his “absolute authority” to “make the best deal possible.”

On Wednesday, Trump was back at the cathedral with his wife, Melania.

He did not address the video.

According to Politico, “Trump and his wife Melania spoke at length about how much they value the support of North Carolinos.

Trump, they said, is very grateful for their support, and he said he expects the police to be very happy to have him back.

He said he’d look to them for any help they might need.”

According to CNN, Trump also said that “I’d be the greatest president in the history of the world.”

More from Recode: In a statement to Politico on Tuesday, a Trump spokesperson said, “The President made a campaign stop in Charlotte on Wednesday morning to speak about North Carolina’s economy.

The video he released is misleading and is not the same as what happened in Raleigh or Charlotte.

The President is pleased with the support he’s received from the citizens of North Carolina.”

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