Car rental company Carrion is using homeless people as a cheap and easy way to make money, according to local news reports.

The company advertises that it rents out couches and couches, bedding and beds, as well as the use of mattresses and blankets, for people to share with friends and family.

A video from Carrions website shows a woman sleeping on a sofa.

The woman was asked to leave her home in London on Friday night and take a train to Cardiff to get there.

She was taken in by Carrons partner, who told her that she could sleep in his car for free.

“If you like to take the train and drive to Cardiff, then we can make you a deal,” the woman said.

“We’ll give you a free place in Cardiff, you don’t have to pay anything.”

The woman, who is not identified in the video, is pictured sleeping on the floor.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman’s partner told the woman that she was welcome to sleep in the car for £15 a night, a total of £5,500.

The man who owns the car rental service, David Williams, said that the woman was sleeping on “the couch”.

He said the woman had slept in his vehicle since March last year, and that she had paid him £4,000.

Carrious told The Independent that they were trying to help people who have been sleeping rough in the city.

“They [the homeless] have been there for years, we know that they have problems,” Carrius said.

It said it was also renting couches to homeless people in the City.

The organisation’s website says that it offers couches for up to £30 per night.

“Carrion provides a safe, affordable and low-cost accommodation option for the homeless and is working with local authorities to improve services,” the website says.

“Over the last six months we have helped over 4,000 people to find their own home.”

The company has a range of options for the accommodation they provide, including two bedroom apartments, two bathroom suites, a kitchen and laundry, as long as there is space.

A spokeswoman said that people had been sleeping in the public transport system, at bus stops and on foot.

“Our car rental vehicles are fitted with CCTV cameras, so if you spot a person sleeping in a public place, then you can alert us and we will provide you with a safe place to sleep,” the spokeswoman said.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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