Texas has the highest percentage of renters who don’t own a car.

The Lone Star State has more than 5 million rental car rentals, according to the latest data from the National Association of Realtors.

That’s a far cry from the millions of people who are renting out a car and using them as an everyday vehicle.

The average annual cost of renting a car in Texas is $1,634.

But for some, that price is a fraction of what it used to be.

“I love it.

I love the money back guarantee,” said Brittany Clements, of Corpus Christi.

Clements says she uses the rental car to take trips to and from work.

She uses it to catch a flight and to do laundry.

“The cars are so convenient and easy to drive,” she said.

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But many renters in Texas say they have never used a car as an ordinary, everyday vehicle, and many say the state needs to be more inclusive of those who don, if it wants to reduce the number of people using a car to commute to work or school.

That includes Austin’s most recent mayoral candidate, Wendy Davis, who is a former taxi driver who says her car has helped her keep up with her students.

“There are so many people who do not own a vehicle, they can’t afford a car, but they have a car for emergencies,” Davis said.

“And I think the idea of not owning a car is a good thing.”

Davis has been running for office since 2011, but she’s not the first woman in the Lone Star state to run for office.

In 2008, Republican State Sen. Ledyard Begaye of San Antonio won a seat on the state House of Representatives, but he ran into trouble during the state’s financial crisis.

Begayd had to cut the number the number that he could hire in his district and he lost his seat.

He lost to Democrat Jessica Farrar in 2012, and then won reelection in 2016.

But Davis’ bid to be Texas’ next governor has drawn a lot of attention.

She has promised to help the working poor and those who are in and out of the workforce.

Davis said she hopes to get people to use their cars for their own transportation and to invest in infrastructure, like roads and bridges, in an effort to make it easier for the working class to get to work and schools.

“If we can provide some of that investment for the middle class, then I think we can do something that will really improve the state of Texas,” Davis told The Next Google.

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