BWI has been advised to withdraw from the car rental industry following the Brexit referendum result.

The car rental chain has been under scrutiny for a number of years following concerns over a number on its sites, which were advertised as available on behalf of overseas customers.BWI’s decision to remove itself from the market comes after a string of high profile issues.

Its owner, David Hoey, has been accused of abusing its customers in an online post on a Facebook group, which has since been deleted.

The group, called “My BWI”, has been widely criticised for its alleged racism and homophobia.

However, a number customers have expressed their anger at the chain’s decision, which will have an immediate impact on their car rental.

“I feel like my car rental company has decided that I don’t belong in the market because of this issue,” said one Facebook user.

“If I am going to live in London, I need a car rental service that I can trust.

It’s not just a way for BWI to make money.

This is a real concern for people who don’t want to go to BWI in the first place,” added another.”

The company is now saying it will take some time before it is able to roll out new cars for its customers,” said another.

Bwi has faced a number complaints, including a case where a customer sued the company after being told to leave a rented car at home for a period of time.

A spokesperson for Bwi said the company had taken steps to “make our services better for customers”.”BWI is working closely with its partner Car Rentals Group to make our service better for all customers,” they said.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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