A new car rental company is hoping to lure customers back to the car-rental scene by offering them a better deal.

Skyscanning Car Rental and Automotive Group Inc. announced Wednesday that it will be offering its cars for $25 per day and $45 per day for a year.

The price is lower than the average daily rental price of $38 per day.

The cars, the company said, are available for pickup and delivery in Buffalo, Buffalo, Erie, New York, and Rochester.

Skyscreen Car Rentals’ cars can be rented from its Buffalo, Rochester and Buffalo locations.

The company is targeting its vehicles for those looking to rent a vehicle in their area for the first time.

“We want to help make the car rentals experience better for everyone,” said David P. Mancini, chief executive officer of Skyscreen Car Rentals.

“This will give our customers more options and the ability to choose a rental car that’s right for them.”

The company has two cars in stock and is ready to start the pickup program in October.

The first car will be equipped with a GPS system and will be priced at $35 per day, according to Skyscynning Car Rentings.

The second car will have an autopilot system that allows the driver to choose to stop and take photos, as well as to turn the vehicle off or start it up.

The car rental services are available through the Internet, on-demand websites, and over the phone.

The website offers car rentals in Buffalo and Rochester and in Buffalo through August 31.

In Erie, it is offering its vehicles at a lower price of just $24 per day per car.

For the year, the firm said, it will offer cars for rent in the following cities: Buffalo, New Castle, Niagara Falls, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Rochester City, Rochester Town, Rochester Township, Rochester West, and Syracuse.

The vehicles will arrive in Buffalo in September and will arrive to the Erie area in December.

“It’s going to be a great ride,” Mancinis said.

Skiescanner Car Rents vehicles, and the company will be selling them to the public through a partnership with Car2Go.

The Car2go partnership allows consumers to rent cars on a smartphone app, where they can pick from a car selection menu of over 50 cars, including popular models from BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, and Lexus.

Mascott said the partnership with Skyschanners will help attract the younger crowd to the vehicle rental business.

“We have a lot of potential in this demographic,” Mascot said.

These are just a few of the things that make these cars a great vehicle for the younger generation.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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